Monday, August 30, 2010

The Importance Of Software Patch Management

The use of software patch management easily automates the distribution of problem fixing patches across an entire network. Depending on the software, these updates can be scheduled beforehand or setup to coincide with your development team or third party patch providers. Many programs also offer the ability to scan the computers on the network for any vulnerabilities that require a patch. To have this as a manual procedure can be very time consuming and inefficient. It costs more hours and money to have your IT staff handle this issue one computer at a time. The automated release features of the patch management program can eliminate the waste of so much time and funds and can allow the IT staff to work on other projects. There are several problems with trying to do each installation manually. The computer has to be taken up by an IT worker and this means that two workers are having to wait for the installation. This can all be resolved with automatic scripting so that both the IT worker and the office worker can continue doing other duties.


Just like any other software programs, there are number of different ones for this specific need. They range from basic home editions, to ones that can manage a number of computers on various networks. Which one you choose depends on the specific needs for your company. Always research the programs before you choose one. Just because they look flashy and say they can do a lot does not necessarily mean they can do what you need them to do.


Managing patches is one of the many ways to protect your systems from malicious intruders. Hackers are able to get past firewalls and security if one terminal on the network is compromised. This can be an easy fix as long as the patches are maintained. Companies have been disabled or completely shutdown for days because of hackers manipulating security loopholes created by not patched computers. The hackers are able to gain full control of one computer that is not entirely protected and then use it to tie up bandwidth for their own purposes. They are then also able to install viruses and worms on your network. By installing this type of program, all those fears can be put aside. Not only does it fix any errors in programs with patches and updates, it does so without having to spend the man power. It also keeps track of all the information for you, in a tidy report that is generated however often you program it to. If you only want to run patches once a month, it can be programmed to do so. If you want it run every day, that is not a problem either. The software patch management programs on the market make it easy to keep up with the countless patches for all the market software. Your workers will not even have to see the patch taking place except in a few occasions where the computer will need to be rebooted. Your IT staff as well as your office workers will appreciate being able to go about their daily duties uninterrupted by annoying software maintenance. This will increase your productivity as well as the moral of the office and your IT department. Anything that can make a tedious job faster and less intrusive is good for the company.

Friday, August 27, 2010

How To Increase The Value Of Your Network Management Services With MSP Software

Managed service providers have a wonderful and powerful tool at their disposal today. This tool is known as MSP software. This type of software can be used for a number of different tasks and activities network managers commonly engage in. Whether you need to manage an entire network for a company, or you simply need to manage all of the networks of your customers, this type of software can make the task of managing numerous networks very simple overall.


Due to the extraordinary demands that are commonly placed on network managers today, this software can be very useful when you need to relieve some of the burdens you are currently facing as a network manager. Network managers often face many difficulties, especially when they are managing multiple networks. If you are having trouble keeping up with the demands of your customers, you will definitely find the services and tools that are provided by MSP software to not only improve the quality of the services you provide to your customers, but you will also find that this software makes it easier for you to efficiently service the needs of your customers.


This type of software can provide detailed information about a number of different aspects of a network as well. So, whether you are monitoring many networks, or you are monitoring only one network, you can access detailed information about the networks you are viewing with the click of a button when you have this type of software in your possession.


By reviewing detailed information about individual devices within a network, as well as having the ability to view a network as a whole, you will not only be able to fix problems that may be arising within the network, like an improper use of network devices, insufficient computing power being provided by devices, or other problems, but you will also be able to improve the overall efficiency of your network as well.


In fact, this software can make the process of improving the efficiency of a network incredibly easy to handle for network managers. This software makes the process of managing multiple networks easy to handle, because it can automate the entire process. MSP software can automate the task of managing a network, because it can provide alerts when a serious problem is arising within a network. By being informed about the problems that are arising within a network, network managers can fix the problems before they cause any communication disruptions within a network.


Network managers rely on all of these features, but one of the most useful features provided by this type of software is the remote access capability. This remote access capability allows network managers to access devices without actually being physically present at the location the devices reside in. By being able to remotely access devices, network managers can fix problems instantly and efficiently in order to provide higher quality and more effective services to their clients.


Many network managers use these programs to monitor entire networks, but network managers can improve the quality of their services by also monitoring individual devices within a network as well. Many components within networks often provide insufficient computing power to handle the tasks they are facing. When this type of problem arises within a network, a network manager can recommend the improvement of specific devices in order to increase the overall efficiency of an entire network.


As you can see, MSP software can provide a number of different benefits to a managed service provider. Whether you are managing multiple networks, or you are simply managing one network, this type of software can make your network managing activities and services efficient and seamless overall.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Cost-effective Network Management: The Features And Advantages

Information Technology could be called the precursor to business automation. The automation extended outwards and included other linked sphere of operations related to the central business venture. Synchronisation of these disparate operations in order to be able to achieve one singular end result gave rise to networks. Managing these networks was a costly affair. In order to ensure profit margins Cost-effective network management systems became an object in demand. Individual objects make up the network in totality. These objects are both hardware and software components. It needs practical experience to be able to appreciate the large number of objects and their variety that form a network. Uncanny problems are faced by the Network administrator in his day to day work that makes his job extremely demanding. A visual picture of the complete network becomes a necessity for any network manager to be able to work out a solution imposed upon him by some client at a remote site.

Volatile is the market and so is the functioning of a business house to cater for these market changes. The network being used by the business house in turn also faces a rapidly changing scenario. The network map drawn on the hard board one day would turn, out of place, in a few days span.

A tool which is capable of providing a continuously updated view of the network and its functioning is the need of the day. This software should also have the capability to permit the network manager remotely manage the various components that make up the network..

Managed Services Provider is one such class of software which gives an integrated view of the complete network and the various programs that is running upon it. The software could be one that needs no user intervention, then there are others which need to be executed by a network manager and there are those which are a mix of both. Depending on availability and competence of the network manager the type of MSP software is to be selected. Maintaining an individual network administrator at each location and they trying to work out the problem and solution of the network when it occurs would be a costly issue. The software in comparison would be a much lower priced object. No further explanation is required for the cost savings accrued.

How well and detailed does the MSP software report the network statistics and status and how wide and deep can the software report decide the power and strength of the software.

Makers of the software would however attach various other features to their product to add selling value to it. Ease with which the MSP software itself could be deployed across the network or how demanding is the software on system resources are such additional features that the makers claim while marketing their products.

Cost-effective Network management is the key in today's 'e' prefixed business and market which has the factor of profit as one of its prime consideration. The role of Managed Service Provider in bringing down expenditure for managing the networks and its components has been prominent with time and therefore proven to be the most cost-effective tool to manage networks of a business house.