Sunday, June 3, 2012

Why everybody is talking about Blackjack Ballroom Casino...the simple truth revealed

Blackjack, also known as 21 is popularly played in online blackjack ballroom casino. In this game the objective of a player is to get a hand total as near as 21 in relation to the banker. But, at the same time the hand total should not cross 21. The hand total is called a "Natural" when you have a 10-value card along with an ace.

All the players surrounding the blackjack table place their bets in their respective boxes on the table. You will find that every blackjack table has a maximum and minimum bet to it. The maximum bet is usually more than 10 times and lesser than 20 times the minimum bet for the table. For instance, in case a blackjack table is having $5 as the minimum bet, the maximum bet can be something between $50 and $100. The amount of bet you want to place is up to you to decide, but it has to be something between the minimum and the maximum.

When you lose, the bet is taken away by the dealer. When you win, you win an amount equal to what you have bet. For example, if you have bet $15, you are going to win $15 when your bet wins. When you have a "natural", you are going to win 1.5 times your bet. For example, if you have bet $10, you are going to keep the $10 bet and get another $15 from the house. When it is a draw, it is known as a "Push." In this case, you neither win nor lose and you keep your bet.

On a blackjack table, action starts when the dealer has dealt two cards each to every player. The players have to declare if they want to use the side rules or not. The game then proceeds in a clockwise manner starting from the first player on the left of the dealer.

The action involves making a Hit or making a Stand. When you draw additional cards, it is known as a 'Hit.' And, when you don't draw extra cards, it is known as a 'Stand.' The action for a player continues until he either wins or his hand total goes over 21. In the case of crossing over 21, the bet is lost and the player 'busts.' When playing in some blackjack ballroom casino, players are allowed to draw cards as long as they don't' win or get busted.

When all the players have completed their actions, deciding to stand or get busted, it is the turn of the dealer to turn his hole card. When he has a natural 21, it is called a blackjack and all the players lose their bets, leaving only those who also have a blackjack. In this case, the players with a blackjack have a 'Push', and their bets are returned.

The dealer also gets a chance to draw extra cards or make a stand when he is not having a blackjack. Contrary to how the player plays, the dealer has to play precisely according to the rules. The dealer Hits if the hand value is below 17. However, it may or may not be necessary to Hit if he has a Soft 17. This can vary from one blackjack ballroom casino to another casino. And, at times the rules can also vary from one table to another table inside a single casino.

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